parenting grief!

Ok so I need some advice...

Tyne is now 3 1/2 and his best mate is Kitty who lives down the street.

She is a feisty one and most of the time they have a good time together...

She is mega competitive and manipulative and knows which of Tyne's buttons to push to send him into a violent rage. I am struggling to help him to understand that hitting her or some innocent bystander out of anger is not how he should act and that in fact that is what Kitty is trying to get him to do so that he gets into trouble.
I remove him from the volatile environment and try to calm him and explain to him that if he does it again then he will be punished.
I don't think that separating them is a solution. I feel that he needs to learn how to deal with this sort of manipulation. I am trying to make him understand that if Kitty starts to make him feel bad or angry, that he should walk away and do something else. If he ignores her then she will have no power over him and she can't make him angry or get him into trouble.

Perhaps he is too young for all this ... I'm not sure. There are times when he seems to understand but she is waaay too good at the manipulation game..even for me!!!!!

There are times when I wish he would just beat the crap out of her to teach her a lesson!!!
We have come down hard on tyne about the violence and it always makes me feel as tho we are playing into her hands.
I knoe this makes her sound evil and she's not.She is a great kid and we all love her. It's just a situation that I am struggling with!

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So much going on...

Living in woodend is the best ever...

At present my life consiss of...
-Sorting my Mums health issues ie. hearing loss and gloucoma. This means learing about medicare and centerlink etc. I'm at the begining of the caring role I will be playig in the rest of her life. I do it gladly and with love but ffs the beurocracy may kill me!!!!!
-Being Tynes thing I have ever and will ever do...
- A couple of art projects that have stalled to a halt over the last few weeks.
-sorting our wedding
-caring for Kim who is of his medicaion and having therapy and a scan next week so will be away for a week or so depending on what the scan shows. He is tired and has brain fog and is strugling a bit. Brain fog and no energy are about the worst things that could happen to Mr energiser bunny
-chipping away at the tree change dream....much gardening....
-freaking out inside about Kims health and how I can help financialy
-looking at my career options....
-trying to keep myself energised and healthy

Thank god we live where we do...keeps me sane
thats it in a nutshell for now...
must go pick up Tyne from daycare and Kim from the station
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the 'big cleanse'

Earlier this year I noticed that a couple of the Mums from the local Playgroup were looking rather fit and healthy and slim all of a sudden...
I inquired and they told me about the big body and environment detox they were doing.
So I gave it a go as I am always interested in alternative cleaning products and was sick of feeling sick, fat and depressed.

It's 3 moths later and I have to say it was bloody amazing.
I skied!!!!
I am happier and healthier than I have been since before pregnancy and it seems to have put a massive dent in my anxiety issues.

It meant using new home and personal care products as well as a truckload of nutrition products supplied by 'The Company'.

'The Company' is an American research mob. I was and am still a bit skeptical but I can't go past the amazing results so far...shoulda blogged about it as I was doing it!

They are a 'network marketing' company...SOUND THE ALARM...WOOOP WOOOOOOOP

and yet....

I think....I HAVE decided to give the business bit of it a go. If it is in fact all it is cracked up to be then it's too good to ignore and would solve many issues for me and mine.

I would be able to earn money whilst being a stay at home Mum doing something that is worthwhile and helps people....

Unless of course 'The Company' turns out to be as evil as my anxiety tells me it which case I will stop.

So far so good and the people I have met thru it seem genuine.

This is a huge personal experiment for me as it is tearing me right out of my hippy lined comfort zone.

and yet...
If what they claim is true then the way in which they do business and the products they sell appeal to my hippier side....

I am full of conflicting emotions about all this but if I don't try I will never know. The hardest part will be combating the Greek chorus in my head chiming on about all the markety evilness of it all. I am going to need to take it as it comes and stay open minded whilst remaining immune to shonky badness.....tricky

Am going to a seminar on Sunday...
stay tuned
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I did ski
I did not hurt myself
I did totally enjoy it
I am hooked
Bring on family ski holidays
The sooner we move to a snowy mountain the better
I seem to be a tad less afraid of heights
Goals to achieve for next year...
Ski fitness, get on and off the chairlift by myself.
save up so we can afford 2 weeks skiing
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Kim proposed
I said yes
We passed out on the couch
Tyne was 3 months old and not sleeping...

Fade into present day...
Kim and I have just finished a detox, weight loss, get healthy thing and we seem to have the energy to actually do something about that momentous decision to get hitched.
Tyne is 3 and sleeps...


More later after I have taken Hilda to the doggy spa!!!!!!
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the first of march!!!
my boy will be 3 soon...
So much has happened this last year..

I can tell we have started to settle in and chill since I now have time to worry about other people outside my immediate family!

My Aunt lost her house in the christchurch quake but thankfully she and my cousins are all ok.
As ok as you can be when your beautiful house crumbles to the ground only a couple of years after your husband passes away.
Now that we live in a  high fire risk area the thought that we could loose everything quite quickly is often on my mind.
We cling to the thought that as long as we are all ok then sod the belongings.
I'm pretty sure that the reality is a little different and that the stress of having to start again at the mercy of the insurance companies is less than favorable!

A shitty thing to have to deal with in your 70's

(Mind you if anyone is capable of bollocking the insurance goons my Aunt is...
You should hear her giving the call center dudes a serve...'you should NOT send such letters to the elderly, it confuses us'.)

My heat goes out to my Tante Ria and my cousins (and the call center dudes)
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